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Our Services

Find out more information about all the services we offer. We offer an extensive range of services, from recording in our Recording Studio, all the way through to Physical and Digital Distribution and even booking Gigs & Festival slots. Whether you need just the one service or many, we are the label that works for you!  


We help artists get their music on independent playlists and guarantee a minimum number of real plays.

We offer a bespoke project management service package, where we help you every step of the way throughout your project.


Our marketing team is devoted to covering all your press needs. Our main goals is building your brand and getting your music heard.

Utilising our distribution partners we are able to distribute your music both physically across the UK and digitally worldwide. 


Headline Records Social Media support specialise in building innovative campaigns across all major platforms.

Headline records production services team work in tandem with artists to elevate their music to the highest standard.

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We work with some of the best radio pluggers in the business to get your tracks played on national radio stations across the country.

With a network of professional music photographers at our disposal, we arrange bespoke photo shoots to fit your requirements.

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One full day of filming with a professional videographer and  film team, this will include - Editing, Grading and the supply of music Video.


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