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Radio Plugger

We work with some of the best radio pluggers in the business to get your tracks played on national radio stations across the country.

National Radio Play

Get heard across the country with our national radio pluggers.


\If you want to take that next step and you’re looking to get your music heard by a wider audience, Headline Records has the relationships to get your music on the radio with our experienced Radio pluggers. 


We get your music heard by the public through the support of national radio stations, including: BBC Radio Network, Absolute Radio, Capital FM, Kiss 100, Radio X, Amazing Radio, Planet Rock and many more...

Regional Radio Play

Get heard across the country with our regional radio pluggers. We gain traction locally to you and 

get your music heard by audiences specific to where you are based. We can also organise local interviews.


We will submit your music to key radio stations in your area and help it find its way to radio stations unique to your genre or niche, as well as larger regional stations such as the BBC Radio Network. 


Give the public access to your music with regional radio play such as: Regional BBC stations, Star Radio, Hart FM, Absolute Radio, Capital London, Total Rock and many more...

Online Radio

Get your music heard by audiences around the world! 


With growing digitalisation of the music industry and with the help of new technologies, the possibilities of getting played on online radio have never been greater. We will submit your music to key online stations compatible with your unique genre of music.

We will get your music heard worldwide through the support of online radio stations, including:  Worldwide FM, Vintage FM, Rock Radio, Radio-WIGWAM and many more...