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 streaming services 

As professional record label, we offer artists a unique way to get their music on independent playlists. We guarantee a minimum number of organic plays to bring your music to the attention of fans, so you can focus on creating and promoting rather than worrying about viewership. With our help, artists can break into the scene with ease and achieve success in their endeavors.



What Sets Us Apart

Together with our partners, we have developed a network of curators who run thousands of high-traffic Spotify playlists. Here’s how it works:


Send us your song

We will listen to your track and send a plan on how we will look to promote it.

When the campaign starts, we will share a tracker which contains daily updated view metrics, and links to the playlists your song has been placed on.

You will receive the promised number of streams within 30 days


We Know The Struggle, great songs deserve great audiences, but 60,000+ tracks are uploaded to Spotify every day.

Many services say they can help, but offer no guarantees, and charge obscene amounts of money. A Headline Records Spotify Campaign helps you cut through the noise. Our campaigns guarantee a low, flat rate. You get your chosen number of streams within 30 days, or your money back. The plays that you will receive from a campaign come from real, engaged human beings listening to your music. Unlike other services, we will never use bots, click farms, or any other method of fake stream generation.



Why TikTok?

If you want something to go viral in 2022, you want to start by putting it on TikTok. TikTok has higher engagement rates than all the other major social media platforms. Lucky for us, music is in TikTok’s DNA. When the platform started, it was a lip-syncing app called, so its user-base and features are built around music and musicians. This means that when our network of influencers post your song on TikTok, it reaches more people than it would anywhere else. On top of that, we specifically recruit influencers who create great content that consistently outperforms the platform average.

The Numbers Don't Lie ...

We worked with an unsigned artist to create a TikTok campaign for their newest release. As of the time of writing we have seen…

- 105 million impressions from the top 20 videos alone

- Over 60,000 user videos created with the sound

- Organic posts from notable names/brands such as Bella Thorne & Red Bull, among others

- Over 2.5 million streams on Spotify

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