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Waiting to get signed to a label?

Here’s how labels actually work now: No traditional A&R discovery and no artist development.

They’re not going to find you at a bar playing to 20 people, love your song, and sign you.

And if they DO find you and love that one song, it’ll be because you already got millions of views on TikTok. And lucky you, they’ll give you a one-song deal. Wow, one whole song!

If you get signed and your first album isn’t a hit, they’re not going to keep you around for another 5 albums like you’re early-1970’s Bruce Springsteen.

Stop waiting for a label to enter the scene as a long-term partner in your success. Labels now wait for YOU to prove you have massive market viability, then they’ll sign you to a deal you probably don’t need (because, ummm… you proved you have massive market viability on your own), and you’ll work harder than ever before to pay them back for the privilege.

Don’t wait for a label to validate your artistry. Make a direct connection with fans today.



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