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The Label that works for you!


At our record label, we believe in creating meaningful relationships within the industry to help build bespoke campaigns for our artists on any budget. Our story is that of a ground-up approach, ensuring the clients are seen and heard in today's crowded landscape. We believe the personal touch we provide makes for the best campaigns and allows us to understand your vision and objectives better. With decades of experience in marketing, branding, and promotion, our record label offers an end-to-end solution when it comes to achieving success for our artists.


"I am absolutely blown away by the talent and professionalism of Headline Records team! Their commitment to artist development and producing high-quality music is evident in every project they take on. From start to finish, they work tirelessly to ensure that every detail is perfect. If you're a musician looking for a record label that truly cares about your craft, look no further!"

Our studio


Purpose built from the ground up, Headline Music Studios consists of one large Control Room, featuring a Neve VR 60 channel console, a large Live Room and 2 smaller Isolation Rooms, accompanied by a kitchen and dining space. Large windows join the studio rooms with clear lines of sight. Located just outside Cambridge, UK, and run by in-house Engineer/Producer, Piers Mortimer.


Our production services team work in tandem with artists to elevate their music to the highest standard. Whatever your music needs, we can provide the solution.

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